Planisphere Design Software

This program will plot planispheres using any data file to specify the object position, magnitude and names.

Program Installation:

Download the file and unzip it into a convenient directory.

The program should run in any Windows 3.x, W98, NT4, W2k or WME. It has been tested on W98 and NT4.

Unzip the files into a convenient directory.

The files Planis.exe and Conlines.dat must be in the same directory, Yale.csv need not be.

Cmdialog.vbx and vbrun200dll can be in the same directory as Planis.exe or in the Windows/System directory.


Run the program. You will see more or less what will be printed in the screen display.

Use the Menu File -> Open to specify a file containing objects to be plotted. There are two possible file formats:

You can use the File -> Add File menu to add another file with more objects.

The Options ->Latitude Menu can be used to set the latitude required, This defaults to 51.5 and can be set to any northern hemisphere value although the distortion becomes excessive below about 20 deg N.

Use Options -> Show Base and Show Horiz to show the base and horizon lines on the display.

Options -> Show Constellations will turn the constellation lines on and off for both display and printing.

Use File -> Print Base and Print Horiz to print the base and horizon plates to the default printer.

You can print the horizon lines on an OHP transparency, laminate the base and join them with a paper fastener.

Chris Rowland developed this program, much help was provided by Brian Tung and Keith Burnett who produced the theory, a simpler program on which this is based and the conlines.dat Yale.dat data files.